You have a Lunar Companion

Hello Fellow Moon Lover,

You’ve found a Lunar Companion to travel with you on your journey with the Moon. Each month, a new collection of journaling items is offered for you to note your most important lunar days. Each collection’s theme will reflect the month of the year and the two zodiac signs that each month includes.

In addition to the journaling items, each collection comes with a monthly lunar calendar and a monthly moon phase calendar. And sometimes you may find a little something extra tucked in as a gift.

Lunar Companion collections offer various ways to record the lunar energies you experience each day, month, or year. You’ll find tools for each, with the ability to use them specifically in accordance with your natal Moon, the one in your astrological natal chart. I’ve turned this kind of Moon watching into a lifetime journey, always noting where the Moon is in the sky and my psyche. After you’ve followed along for a while, you will instinctively know what sign the Moon is in each day and the best ways to make use of the lunar energies.

You may wish to use your Lunar Companion to keep a record of lunar energies or to create custom journal pages or journaling cards to use in another journal. You may decide to create a journal dedicated solely to the Moon.

Enjoy your journey and never stop looking up.

CJ Wright, Auntie Moon

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