December 2022 Collection: Winter Greenery


This month’s lunar journaling collection is Winter Greenery. Fairies, snow globes, angels, and even a fire-breathing dragon come together to create a collection filled with magic. The Winter Greenery collection includes:

  • The 2023 Lunar Companion Overview Calendar. This is a quick-view calendar that shows all the new and full moons of 2023 and also has space for you to note your very special moon days. The overview calendar comes in two styles: one with a colored background and one with a white background to save on ink. The calendar comes with a page explaining how to use the Lunar Companion and a brief explanation of all your personal moon days.
  • Journaling sets for your lunar return, far side moon, inner new moon, and inner full moon days. Each set includes a 6X4″ booklet cover which can be cut in half to make two 3×4″ journaling cards, a 4×6″ mini file folder, 1″ round and square inchies, and a 3×6″ tag. The inchies are super to use as stickers on a calendar to make your special Moon days really stand out. Learn more about your personal Moon days here.
  • Three journaling cards for the Gemini full moon and the Capricorn new moon. Seed packets, an envelope, and a wishes sheet complete the lunation set.
  • A moon sign changes calendar and interpretations of the moon in each sign.
  • A moon phase calendar.
  • Six journaling pages and a cover sheet. Fold these 8.5×11″ pages in half to make a 24 page journal. Add more pages as needed.
  • PLUS, a bonus page of journaling cards, my gift to you for the holidays.

Any of the journaling items will slip easily into any journal. Embellish the cards and journal with paint, sprays, washi, jewels or anything else that rings your solstice bells.

Record the dates for your special Moon days on the back side of the cards and keep a few notes on how you’re feeling, a ritual you’ve performed, or a special quote or prayer.

This is a digital download, 25 8.5×11″ pages, in PDF format. Use cardstock for sturdier prints.

Consider printing the calendar pages in a smaller format to easily use in a smaller journal or to carry with you.

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