What are these personal Moon Days, anyway?

The Lunar Companion is an easy way to stay aware of your four extremely important Moon Days of every month. They are in addition to the New and Full Moons of each month and hold a lot of importance for your well-being; physically, mentally, and emotionally.


These four days are connected to the two most meaningful planets in your horoscope natal chart: the Sun and Moon.

The 4 Personal Moon Days

  1. The Lunar Return. These are the days when the transiting Moon is at the exact same degree as your natal Moon. You may find as I do that you are drawn to do the same kinds of things each month when the Moon is in the same sign as your natal Moon. Aspects to your natal Moon will be emphasized. You can also have your Lunar Return chart interpreted to get a more thorough understanding of what’s ahead for you in the next four weeks. You will need to have your chart calculated to know the degree of your natal Moon. You can do this for free at Astro.com.
  2. Far Side Moon Days. These are the days when the transiting Moon is opposite your natal Moon. These are days that can be very stressful, moody, or when you might be feeling down or lack luster.You may find that the duration of the Moon moving through the sign opposite the natal Moon is stressful, even when not exactly opposite the natal Moon.A monthly lunar calendar or an ephemeris can identify these days for you.Note: Write the zodiac sign and degree of your Moon and Sun in the spaces provided..
  3. Inner New Moon. These are days when the transiting Moon is at the same degree as your natal Sun. These are usually feel-good days when you’re blessed with a cosmic boost. You may feel energized and confident. It a day when “the force is with you.”
  4. Inner Full Moon. On these days, the transiting Moon  is in the opposite sign of your natal Sun sign. These are often days when physical energy is low, or you seem at odds with the world.

The Lunar Companion Overview Calendar is an easy way to note these days and keep them close at hand. I keep one on my fridge, for example, as well as a copy tucked into my desk calendar and my monthly journal.

How do I figure out when these days are each month?

You will need to consult a lunar transits calendar or an ephemeris to know when each of these days occurs. Don’t worry. It’s not hard. It’s very easy.

You can search for them online for free or order an annual moon transit calendar from Lunar Companion. See how to order one HERE.

One more thing…

One thing that is very helpful with the Lunar Companion Calendar is being able to see at a glance when a New or Full Moon (or eclipse!) can be of extra importance to you.

Try it and discover just how useful the Lunar Companion can be for you.

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